Buddha Head LED Flameless Candle


Buddha Head LED wax flame less candle is a stunning decorative and functional piece. This LED candle can be placed anywhere in the house, on a mantle, book shelf etc. and you can relax and enjoy the ambience knowing that you and your home will be safe from fire and mess! Do you meditate? Using this candle you can help create a soothing and calm environment whilst meditating or during mindfulness exercises. It can be used outside for picnics or BBQ’s but must be kept dry as the battery area is not water proof or resistant. The LED candle made with real wax, so you can enjoy all the benefits of soft mood lighting without the mess or fire hazard.

The battery is included, it’s so simple and ready to go. The photo of three candles, they are sold individually, the price is for one.

Size diameter is approx 11cm and height is 15cm LED Bulb 3V, 0.06W

Each candle uses 1 CR2032 battery which is included Working time can be up to 60 hours This is a LED candle. Do not try to burn, keep away from fire. Smoke free!

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