Himalayan Salt: What’s the benefits?

Think Pink! If you’re looking for a great new addition to your household, why not try a Himalayan salt lamp or chopping block? But what’s the point I hear you say? Are there any benefits? Here are just a few reasons why Himalayan salt is ideal for you.

  1. Improved breathing quality
    Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which studies have shown increase positive cilia activity (These are very small hairs that are lined across your windpipe and are used as breathing filters), giving you a perfect boost to your breathing.
  • Mood booster
    As discussed previously, the negative ions that are released from the Himalayan salt lamps can act as mood and energy enhancer, releasing more serotonin in the brain.
    This leads to increased concentration and a better mood all round.
    Himalayan salt lamps are also a very good choice for treating SAD.
  • Air cleansers
    If you’ve ever walked into a room that’s felt damp or musty you know it can make you feel a bit uneasy about breathing the air around you, and vice versa if you’ve been to the beach you can feel the fresh air around you, that’s because of the salt, and Himalayan salt is no different.

    Through a process called hygroscopy, water molecules are transported from your room and absorbed into your Himalayan salt lamp, this process is also ideal for reducing cigarette smoke and dust.

    Salty air is a fantastic health booster and can help clear air passages.
  • They counteract electromagnetic radiation
    That sounds like a big scary word, but it isn’t as bad as you think, whenever you turn on your TV or your phone, computer, tablet etc. they emit positive ions into the air.
    This has been suggested to be a common factor that causes fatigue, stress and a weakened immune system, having a Himalayan salt lamp will emit negative ions which will cancel out the positive ions, reducing frequencies and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation!
  • Sooths your muscles
    Himlayan bath salt is a perfect addition to add to your bathing routine after a long day.

    Our bodies naturally absorb the magnesium and trace minerals within the salt which can fortify bones and connective tissues, aiding our sore muscles, so next time you want a relaxing bath, try some Happy Buddha Himalayan bath salts!
  • Reduces coughing and symptoms of a common cold
    You may have heard us mention about negative and positive ions a few times in this
    blog, but they apply to so much of our daily lives, and health is no different, negative ions released by Himalayan salt lamps protect against airborne germs.

    The salt is also a great way to filter air more effectively (See #3) to reduce harmful particles entering into your lungs, therefore reducing advancing coughs, sneezes and sore throats.
  • It contains less sodium than processed table salt and can lower blood pressure
    That’s right, you can eat Himalayan salt, and best of all it has a lot less sodium in it! This means that while your body is processing the salt, it will have a much easier job as it won’t require as much water to clear out the extra sodium you would have consumed with processed salt.

    Himalayan salt is also rich in natural iodine, which create a better electrolyte balance, this means you will be able to absorb nutrients better and will lower your blood pressure.
  • Improves sleep quality
    Positive ion exposure can lead to reduced blood and oxygen flow causing irregular sleeping patterns.

    Having a Himalayan salt lamp will diminish these ions, leading to a better nights sleep, they’re also fantastic for people who suffer from insomnia.
  • Reduces Allergies as well as asthma
    Himalayan salt lamps are great for helping people suffering from asthma, it’s so popular in fact popular that certain manufacturers have produced their own Himalayan salt inhalers, some are even stocked at Happy Buddha!
  1. Stress buster and relaxation stimulant
    This goes hand in hand with our mood buster section, Himalayan salt lamps provide natural orange, red and yellow light, providing you with a warm and natural light, counteracting stress and promoting a relaxing atmosphere.

    We’d recommend a godzilla sized one for your office desk, but failing that, you can’t go wrong with a mini USB salt lamp:
  1. Reelevate a sore throat
    Similar to #6, saltwater is a great way to kill bacteria, loosen mucus and reduce pain in your throat.

    Next time you’re suffering from a sore throat, be sure to mix ½ teaspoon of finely ground pink Himalayan salt with some warm water and gargle.
  1. They can be placed anywhere
    Depending on what outcome you want from your salt lamp, you can place them anywhere! If you want to reduce the electromagnetic radiation (As discussed in #4), you could pop on next to your TV in your living room, or perhaps you can put on your bedside table to ensure a better night’s sleep (As discussed in #8), you can even keep on next to you while you meditate, providing you with a better meditative experience.
  1. They look great!
    This one may be a bit of a personal biased, but each Himalayan salt lamp is uniquely cut, meaning they have their own personality and flair, much more than a standard lamp!
  1. Volumizes hair, reduces dandruff and improves skin
    Back to the bathroom! If you’ve ever wondered how those surfers get those thick volumized hairstyles, the answers in the sea, salt!

    Himalayan salt is no different, not only will it strip out any dandruff but if you combine 1 tsp of Himalayan salt, half a cup of water and some bergamot oil, you’ve got yourself a great handmade volumizer spray for your luscious locks!
  1. Your skin will thank you
    This one is completely dependent on how your skin reacts to different substances, so it’s always best to clarify and check with a dermatologist beforehand, but when you’re having your relaxing Himalayan salt bath, be sure to scrub that face!

    The salt will help extract the toxins from your skin and tissues.
    Once the toxins have been removed, the salt will be stored on the upper level of your skin (Sounds gross but it’s really not!), and will give your skin a natural glow as well as a shield (Natural protective film) which will reduce dryness.

To find out more on all our lovely Himalayan products, follow the link below!


Written by James Cowan, Happy Buddha Bournemouth