Tibetan Brass Bell Large


The Tibetan Bell represents wisdom. Its hollow symbolizes the wisdom recognising emptiness and the clapper represents the sound of emptiness in all its forms.

The body of the Tibetan Bell is decorated with a vase which represents the vase containing the nectar of accomplishment. Above the vase, is the face of Prajanparamita, above which is a lotus, a moon disc and finally a vajra.

The Tibetan bell is always played in the left hand at heart level. It is held by the middle of the handle and swung back and forth. When used in meditation, a playing stick may be used around the rim, and the sound produced reminds of the emptiness of all things, and the quality of wisdom one must develop to attain this realisation.

Made of brass, the Tibetan Bell measures 11 cms diameter and 21 cm height.

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Made of solid brass, this Tibetan Bell measures 11 cms diameter and 21 cm in height.