Elephant Incense Holder


A beautiful geometric incense holder with an elephant design, hand-carved from Gorara stone by Indian craftsmen. Each one has unique colours and patterns. This holder has enough holes for up to five incense sticks at a time.

In Hinduism, elephants represent strength, both physical and mental, and are seen as an incarnation of the elephant-headed deity Ganesha. They are bringers of good fortune and destroyers of obstacles – and we think that embodying these qualities is great! Focusing on the symbolism of the elephants carved into these pieces is a wonderful way to enhance meditation or prayer alongside burning incense.

This multifunctional holder can be used for either incense sticks/candles and can be easily wiped clean after use.

Incense/candle not included

Dimensions:8 x 6cm

Our stone items are hand-carved by the master craftsmen of Agra, descendants of the artisans who once worked on the Taj Mahal. These pieces are made from Gorara stone, an Indian variation of soapstone, so each piece is unique due to the variations in colour and pattern found within the stone.

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