Worry Doll Mirror


Unique Worry Doll mirrors handmade and ethically sourced from Guatemala.

There is a story that when the Mayan people have worries, they tell them to the worry dolls and then put them under their pillow at night. By morning the worry dolls have taken all the worries away.

Approx. 8cm x 5cm

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Appearance Worries, I'm Sorry, Political Worries, Brexit Worries, Car Worries, Cold & Flu Worries, Global Warming Worries, Amazon Rain Forest Worries, Career / Workaholic Worries, Budget Worries, Health Worries, Growing Old Worries, Weight Worries, Travel Worries, Pregnancy / Worry Free Mum to Be, Pet Worries, Marriage Worries, Love Worries, Exam Worries, Big Troubles, Double Trouble, Girl Worries, Boy Worries, School Worries, Parent Worries, Tiny Worries, Coming Out Worries, Addiction Worries, Hair Worries, Past Trauma Worries, Skinny Worries, Relationship Worries